It's Saturday night.  What do you usually do on a Saturday night?  Watch a movie?  Go out to dinner?  I usually do those things, but tonight was different.  You want to know what my husband and I did for our date night?  
We filmed an interview for my upcoming promo video!!!!!!
I'm going to take a minute and brag on him for a second (I know he'll probably cringe when he reads this because he hates the spotlight to be on him--too bad!)   He has a degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Motion Picture.  Not only does he do wonders technically, but he has the type of personality that helps people relax while they are in front of the camera.  Well, maybe NOT all people...obviously I killed his record. 
We had a blast filming together!  After we were done, we started going through the clips....and that's when the laughter started!   Being in front of a camera can feel so awkward at times.  It's REALLY hard to talk about yourself.  I always get embarrassed.  I would much rather be behind the camera, that's for sure!  I had so many outtakes that he decided to throw together a blooper reel.  Maybe I'm just tired, but we were laughing hysterically and I was pretty much crying.  The last clip I do something to my husband that just about had me on the floor.....JUST WAIT!  (Disclaimer:  No videographers were harmed in the making of this video)   ENJOY!