Did you know that bridal sessions don't just have to have the bride?  That's right, it's totally acceptable to get dressed up with your groom before the big day!  In fact, it's very common in LDS weddings because often times weddings are scheduled in the middle of the day and don't offer ideal lighting situations.  
I've known Chelsea since she was a baby!  Her family lived across the street from my mine.  Years down the road they even bought my childhood home!  Needless to say, we go way back!  I cannot believe how much she's grown up.  She is now the sweetest and bubbliest young woman you'll ever meet.  She found her prince charming in Robbie.  I had a blast with them down the road from her parent's home in Seaford, VA.  Coastal Virginia has so many beautiful locations for photography sessions.  I love where I live!